Like any country that is dealing numeorus woes, PR scandals as we know them have continued to dominate mainstream media. With a Legislator advocating for Woemen to be beaten and to fake Hepatisis B vaccines, Uganda was once again rocked by the proverbail PR Crisis. Here is a look at the onces that made it to center stage.


With International Women's Day just out of the loop, Parliament of Uganda was once again in muddy waters when one of their Legislators was caught on live TV uttering statements which not only shiocked the nation but were a direct opposite of what the President had said. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on International Women's Day said that strides were being made to not only empower woemn but emanicipate them as well. Ironically, the Member of Parliament for Bungaigaizi County was caught saying that at times, it is necessary to tackle women. With the video trending on Twitter, numeorus activists including fellow Members of Parliament asking him to apologize, the Legislator was asked to resign by some sections of the public onn digital media. Having just recovered from brawls in 2017 where fights broke out over the controversail "Togikwatako" Bill, Parliament's image was yet again tested.


National Drug Authority (NDA) found themselves in soup over reports that numerous vaccines on the market for Hepatisis B were actually fake, A press statement noting that the drugs were impounded was sent to the media but all fault cannot be spared from the organization which should ideally be in full control of any drugs that come in and out of the country. With reports that the situation ahs been neutralised, it remian to see what will be done to those whom the fake vaccine has already been administered.


In another tragic tale though, an air hostess working with Emirates accidentally fell over a plane that had just alighted and passed away at Entebbe International Airport. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) quickly took control of the situation and sent out a statement while informing the public of her state. While thisn may not be a proverbila crisis, steps were taken to ensure that the organization's image was kept intact.


With former Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura still a hot topic on Twitter, new details continued to emerge as to why he could have been sacked by the President. A new twist in the plot however was revealed when the President himself said that his aim was geared at removing "weevils" from the Force,a remark which many think was aimed at Kyihura. With Ochola and Sabiiti taking over, it remians to be seen how the new team will handle the current image crisis which surrounds the force considering the recent string of murders which have rocked the nation.


With Communication Agent the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) issuing stringent guidleines on how telecom giants ought to operate, they yet again shocked the nation when a Twitter post from Alan Kasujja who on various attempts to register his simcard with his national identification card failed was told to instead provide his british passport. This move contradicted the Commission. With new rules on how data companies ought to operate as well coming out, the institution who recently made 20 years are still struglling in the area of reputation.

While most of these could have been clearly managed better by prospective organizations, it remains yet to be seen which organization will come out unscathed.