Crisis Communications


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We've got to be judged by how we do in times of crisis
Johnnie Cochran
US Lawyer

Crisis Communications

In a crisis, it is difficult for clients to see beyond the chaos. We offer an objective perspective on how the public, elected leaders and the media are likely to view the situation. 

Whether you are preparing for the "what if" situation or are in the thick of a crisis, talk is cheap; action is priceless. We shall develop a robust crisis recovery tool kit that will come alive when needed. From a high-profile lawsuit, layoffs, bankruptcy, or an explosion at a factory, we have the talent and institutional knowledge that can make the difference between control and escalation. Our ability to help in a crisis comes from veteran experience.

During a Crisis we shall:

  1. Craft a Strategic Response
  2. Provide Spokesperson Support
  3. Be at the heart of Crisis Communication Management
  4. Run a dynamic public information Hashtag (#) on all Social Media platforms
  5. Monitor all Media to ensure effective message development