Anyone who knows the importance of Customer Care must have seen the recent debacle of popular eating hub "I feel like Chicken Tonight" after a video went viral of them attacking musician Angella Katatumba and her colleague. The duo who apparently passed by a Kabalagala joint at 5:00 in the morning ahd just been from a studio session when they decided to pass by the Kabalagala joint to buy some take away. What happened next is still shocking many for the two were beaten like thieves and then left injured. Katatumba who sued the food chain claimed that she lost over ugx 2,500,000 in the dramatic fight that ensued. The restaurant which went on to apologize in a press statement ahs once again opened the old adage that questions the importance of good customer care to brand management.

 The best brands capitalize on good customer care because it is one of those PR components which does not take much effort to achieve. Customers who feel valued are more likley to return to purchase goods and services and even offer simple endorsements by word of mouth which can boost a business. Etiquette and responsiveness have been found to be crucial in customer care skills too. Here are some major factors in why customer care is key to your overall business success:


These days, people will only stay loyal to a company if they have very good reason to. Otherwise, there is numerous competition available they could choose to move to. As a result, you have to work even harder to keep customers and build their trust in your brand. By providing the best in customer service, you will increase trust, and that could mean the difference between customer loyalty and customers who jump ship. Take for example banks like Standard Chartered. For years, many people deemd the bank's rates very high and expensive but their customer care skills have been rated the best that even those who wanted to opt out could not stand the idea of being treated worse by another Bank.


When studies and surveys have been completed, they continue to find that a large group of consumers say that customer service is much more important than price. To get the right experience, they are willing to pay more. Take Executive Bankers for example. Unlike ordinary chaps queing in a banking hall, those who use executive bnaking services talk to air conditioned offcies, better relationship managers who are attentive to their needs, freebies like cheque books and even tea and coffee. These simple perks only cater to those hwo are willing to pay more, and lots are willing to do so.


If you don’t already know this, then it is time to learn. Word of mouth is the most powerful ally you have on your side. What your customers say to others could make or break your business. When you provide the best in customer service, guess what happens? People will talk about you. They will remember your brand. If they hear someone else talking that they need a specific kind of company, they are much more likely to say, “Oh, go to this place. They are great!” The best casse scenario is a nail parlour. If your manicurist does such a good job, chances are high that you will refer him to your other girlfriends such that you can rock together,  so to speak. Hence, the best customer services will earn you an enhanced awareness. And it can be online as well too. A positive tweet or message speaks volumes.


Problems are always going to arise for any business no matter how hard you try to avoid them. While you can’t run a perfect business with all the perfect customers, you can ensure friction doesn’t become an issue. If customers know that they can voice complaints and those issues will be handled properly, they will feel more comfortable doing business with you. This means that responsiveness has to be considered as a defining factor in customer care management. In this era of social media, the last thing you want is some one naming you out  for not behaving appropraitely.


Once upon a time, business was all about closing the sale. It didn’t matter how you got to that point. These days, you will need to cater to the New Customer. This is someone who expects to be treated as a person, who wants more from the experience, and who does not want to be just a number. Better customer service will ensure you are providing them what they want.

When it comes to a business, nothing matters if you offer poor customer service. Keep these five things in mind so that you can understand just how important it really is for your own success. So, make sure you are offering the best in customer service, and enjoy the positive results. It will help grow your brand and boost your sales as well.