Dinners, workshops and even conferences plus award shows are just some of the typical PR events which a practitioner may be organizing at some point in their career. And while, these are critical to any organization, it is important that any PR events being organized are always well done because any event ahs the potential to catapult into something good for your organization. Here are a few tips to help you kick start off any events:


Any event however small must be fast tracked to ensure that no small mishaps occur at the last minute. Know the number of people coming, decide on the Guest of Honor, set up a table for them, have numerous catering options such as those options for vegetarians etc and more such that you do not get stressed at the last minute. The last thing needed is to hear that 250 people were stranded with food meant for 100 guests. Issues such as venue need to also be sorted out early. Some service providers may want an initial deposit of at least 50% which has to be sorted. Decorators and the like must also be sorted out on what to do, seating arrangements, ushers and more.


As minute as this may seem, the last thing people require is to come to an event and have their cars vandalised. Security personnel must be deployed at all avenues to ensure people feel safe. This may involve having separate personnel deployed at the car parking, separate guards for the entrance and so much more. This also means that they may have to be facilitated either through a meal or cash, but this is critical. Remember World Cup  2010, when Kyadondo Rugby Grounds was bombed badly. With so many lives lost, this is a scandal that not even the most effective PR Guru can outsee. This may also involve choosing an appropriate venue which ahs easy access to quick get-home options such as Uber, Safe boda or even a taxi stage. A simple warning to all invitees about where the venue is may be sufficient such that they can sort out transport arrangements in time.


If the event being organized requires press, it may be prudent to get in touch with the reporters needed at least two weeks prior to the event with arrangements being made on identification (tags) and how much they may need to be facilitated with, if required. Do take note of all the varied media sectors which are print, broadcast, online and electronic. It is also prudent to have a table set aside for the press out of courtesy, with a provision for food. Most press people may not want much but refusing to offer beer in return for widespread coverage is likley to leave you in muddy water. Boundaries may however have to be set. Photographers are likely to take "salacious" photos so everyone must be warned to be on their best behavior however informal the sector.


While there is such as thing as "african time," it is no excuse to be late when you are the event organizer. Your team must be on standby at all times to ensure that things run smoothly. Entertainment must be on time, food must be on time, everything from speeches to departure msut be on time. Even the impending arrival of a President is no excuse to be late.


This is the guist of why you are doing what you are doing. Is the event to launch a new campaign or product? Is it for publicity efforts? Is it a staff party or a foprmal engagement? Knowing why you are holding a particular event can help you decide on what exactly to do. It must have goals attached to it.


The chances of having an event which will run soomethly are not that many. Even when things are going as planned, there are bound to be some issues. The most important thing is to have some plan in line to counter anything which may go bad. A counterplan should be in place to ensure that the "show goes on" as planned.

When all is said and done, a good event like a classic pair of shoes, never goes out of style. People will remember it, people will remember you for it. It just is something which must be done every now and then.